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What is 
Digital Media Strategy

There are a plethora of media channel options to distribute messages for certain communication campaign, especially in digital era nowadays. The fragmentation of promotion medium rose a challenge in advertising, because as the message sender, we must first select our audiences correctly and select how each medium will be understood by the message receiver through content in every media channels. In this situation, Digital Media Strategy would help by selecting efficient and effective digital campaign, medium, and audiences among the options available.

Right Audience and Right Medium

Each media channel will be transmitted, distributed and influenced the audience receiving the message differently. So choosing the right medium to reach the right audience is vital in digital media campaign.

Digital Media?

The most measurable, most targeted, and most engageable media among other options.

In today’s wired world, gone are the days of running an advertising campaign in any single offline medium with confidence in having delivered the message to your target audience. Marketers are no longer confined to newspaper, radio, and television advertising. Online media type have now proven to be efficient and targeted channels of advertising as well.

Internet has revolutionized how brand advertise and interact with their customer. With more than half of the world have access to internet and five hours average daily time spent online, digital media constantly increasing its reach, especially after younger generation took over.

Digital Media Strategist

We develop and execute a dynamic digital media communication plan strategy that helps choosing the best audience possible, then it will drive the right traffic. We will identify what resonates with your audience and develop the perfect experience with the content in each digital media channels. We ensure efficiency through use of effective media for best audience interaction to achieve the campaign goal.

We prioritize audience engagement and quality content in planning and executing a digital media strategy.

We are experienced media team, we will optimize delivery to the targeted audience using data-driven approach.


We plan and execute digital marketing campaigns across PC & mobile devices utilising the best available third party platforms to provide highly effective digital media solutions.


We use the most relevant digital media marketing strategies to help businesses grow and meet goals in term of efficiency.


We list thousands high impact influencer in specific category to match with brand characteristic and audience.


The digital marketing funnel is a framework to help define, understand, and follow the different stages buyers pass through during the customer lifecycle.

Customer Success Stories



@fibercreme_tv Instagram Followers


@fibercreme Instagram Followers


Over 1M Instagram Impression/day

FiberCreme™ launched at August 2018, and only used digital media as marketing channel ever since. Their digital assets significantly grew less than 1 year period using engaging social media content and relevant social media advertising. Its growth on social media reflected directly to their sales growth.

FiberCreme™ is a brand new creamer that position themselves as “coconut milk replacement” rather than standard coffee creamer. Their unique selling point is that the product contains high amount of fiber per serving. Unlike traditional brand, their marketing team decide to only use digital media as their marketing channel.

They did great effort to test and generate most engaging content spread in specific marketing campaign through the year. TALA help them to work with many omni-channel social media influencers and also develop social media strategy and execution to grow their assets on social media, mainly Instagram.

The results is astonishing, their Instagram followers grow from 10k Followers to 100k Followers in 4 months, and grow another 100k in the following 5 months.



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